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Chapter 13

Mr. Hanks has some very good videos for chapter 13. Here is the link to his site. Hanks Videos

Chapter 8

8.3 Mult/Div Rational Expressions
simplifying rational expressions 8.3 ex1.WMV
simplifying rational expressions 8.3 ex2.WMV
simplifying rational expressions 8.3 ex3.WMV

8.4 Add/Subt Rational Expressions
add.subt.rational expressions ex1.WMV
add.subt.rational expressions ex2.WMV

8.2 Graphing Rational Functions - This is a movie starring our very own, Mr. Hanks!!!
8.2 Lesson part 1 alg 2.MSWMM
8.2 Lesson part 2 alg 2.MSWMM
Examples on graphing rational functions

Factoring Review